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A area that is third of considers exactly exactly how sexting is linked with other kinds of (health) danger habits.

A area that is third of considers exactly how sexting is linked with other kinds of (wellness) risk habits.

past research reports have discovered that engagement in sexting is related with substance usage (such as for example smoke usage, alcohol, and marihuana usage; see Van Ouytsel et al., Sexting) in accordance with other “delinquent” habits, starting from striking other people to stealing from other people (Lee et al., Sexting). A study by Temple and Choi ( Sexting) has shown that there is no causal relationship between engagement in sexting and offline sexual risk behavior among adolescents although sexting can be considered an online form of sexual risk behavior. Nonetheless, sexting could possibly be an initial action toward offline intimate actions for adolescents, because the study discovered that young adults who’d involved with sexting had been much more likely than nonsexters to take part in offline intimate actions on the following year. This shows that, among adolescents, sexting might be indicative of engagement in intimate habits, yet not always of engagement in intimate danger actions.

Frontiers in Sexting Research

Even though the human anatomy of research on sexting is collecting in the past years, additional work is needed seriously to better understand the context by which this fairly new occurrence does occur also to evaluate possible predictors and effects. First, the field would significantly take advantage of an even more consistent conceptualization of sexting across studies, which allows the comparing of outcomes across studies. 2nd, research from the possible role that is beneficial of in intimate relationships must be explored. The studies that are first have now been carried out in this region report conflicting outcomes on whether sexting might improve relationship satisfaction and whether or not it might be from the perception of greater relationship quality (McDaniel & Drouin, Sexting). Considering the fact that many research on sexting among grownups centers on samples from individuals of university age, extra studies have to investigate the part that sexting performs within older adult intimate relationships. Another challenge for future research will likely to be a much deeper research associated with part that sexting may play within intimate partner physical violence and intimate coercion.

Similarly, the sexting that is current has primarily dedicated to the motives and correlates of an individual whom deliver sexting communications. Few research reports have, nevertheless, centered on the faculties and motives of these whom stress other people into participating in sexting or who opt to expose sexting content to others. Also small is well known in regards to the receivers of sexting messages, and in regards to the factors that may play a role in getting a sexting message. Into the domain of adolescent sexting, more scientific studies are required through the viewpoint of parents and instructors regarding the challenges they perceive in aiding young ones and young adults either avoid sexting or, in a damage reduction approach, practice it properly. Future research could investigate how schools also may avoid and answer these scenarios. Correspondingly, an avenue that is further sexting scientific studies are the introduction of proof based sexting prevention and academic initiatives. Proof based sexting prevention and intervention and electronic citizenship programs miss. Finally, as a lot of studies in neuro-scientific sexting usage cross designs that are sectional the industry would significantly take advantage of longitudinal studies effective at disentangling the complexities through the effects of participating in sexting actions.


The job of Joris Van Ouytsel is supported by the extensive Research Foundation Flanders (FWO Aspirant) and also by a grant granted by the Fulbright Commission in Belgium. Dr. Temple is supported by Award quantity 2012 WG BX 0005 (PI: Temple) through the nationwide Institute of Justice (NIJ) and R01CE002678 (PI: Temple) through the Centers for infection Control and Prevention. The information is solely the duty regarding the writers and will not fundamentally express the state views of this financing organizations.

Michel Walrave is teacher in the Department of correspondence Studies for the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He could be accountable for the research team MIOS (Media, ICT, and Interpersonal Relations in businesses and community). His research focuses on online self disclosure and privacy. He investigates possibilities and dangers of adolescents’ and grownups’ interpersonal self that is online and their online disclosure of private information to organizations.

Koen Ponnet is just a teacher at Ghent University (imec mict). Their main research passions would be the determinants of risk and issue behavior in adolescents and grownups, both offline and on line. Jeff R. Temple is connect teacher within the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at UTMB (University of Texas health Branch) wellness. Their research on dating violence was funded by the National Institutes of wellness, nationwide Institute of Justice, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Joris Van Ouytsel is researcher when you look at the Department of correspondence Studies during the University gay bear skype of Antwerp. Their research is targeted on cyber dating punishment and sexting. His work is supported by the extensive research Foundation Flanders.

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